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Sean P. Kelly is a tenacious advocate and trial attorney who has successfully argued dozens of jury and bench trials in the civil and criminal litigation realm. Sean’s practice focuses on personal injury litigation, workers’ compensation, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and social security disability. Law firm lawyer.

Prior to joining the Marcotte Law Firm, Sean was a trial attorney in Woburn, Massachusetts. There he split his time between running his own law firm and training under a well-respected bankruptcy and domestic relations practitioner in the area.

Sean has had vast success in the courtroom during his career. For example, he initiated a bankruptcy court case where a debtor-contractor was trying to discharge the debt owed to Sean’s client from a botched bathtub installation. It is difficult to prove fraud in court and have a debt declared non dischargeable. Nonetheless, after the court found in Sean’s client’s favor after a trial on all counts. In the criminal realm, Sean has represented criminal defendants charged with twenty plus felonies in one case with a trial spanning over five days.

Another representative case is where Sean was able to get a diabetic employee on workers’ compensation benefits after the employee stepped on a sharp object at work and lost part of their foot. The employer’s insurance company argued extensively through an expert that the amputation was caused by diabetes, but Sean was able to counter that narrative through their own expert testimony and accident reconstruction. Eventually the Department of Industrial Accidents found for the employee.

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Sean was formerly Director-At-Large of the Young Lawyers Division of the Massachusetts Bar Association (the “MBA”) and is currently a member of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys and Greater Lowell Bar Association. Sean has been a panelist on a workers’ compensation lecture and the annual “Survive and Thrive” panel for the MBA. For years, Sean has conducted lectures on the Americans with Disabilities Act at Endicott College. He regularly participates as a volunteer judge for the statewide high school Mock Trial Program hosted by the MBA.

Sean is tremendously involved in his community. He is currently an elected official in the Town of Westford where he holds the office of School Committee Member. Through this commitment to the town, he has worked to help formulate a contract with the teacher’s union and collaborate with the Superintendent’s office to implement policies and develop visions for the school district. Sean also is a member of the Health Westford Committee and sits on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit, Westford Community Access Television.

Sean earned his law degree, cum laude, from Syracuse University. He is licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, State of New Hampshire, U.S. District Courts of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts for Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He also holds a B.A. and a M.B.A. from the University of New Hampshire. He was born and raised in New England and proudly serves its communities. Since the start of his career he has excelled as a steadfast advocate. He has made it his life’s mission to fight for the underdog.

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In his spare time, Sean enjoys running with his wife and his two sons. He adores all three of them.
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