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Another day, another ranking for lawyers to ogle in a search for meaning as they attempt to get through the day’s billables during a pandemic. Despite all the unrest and change in the world thanks to COVID-19, this is still the life of a Biglaw attorney, always on the hunt for confirmation that their firm is the best firm, the one that’s hitting all of its essential metrics year after year. If that sounds like you (and you might as well admit it, it probably does), then you should check out the latest offering from the American Lawyer, the annual A-List ranking. Law firm lawyer.

Are you somehow unfamiliar with this ranking? Here are all of the metrics that it measures to determine which Biglaw firms are the best of the best:

The A-List recognizes firms based on a combination of factors, both financial and cultural: revenue per lawyer, pro bono commitment, associate satisfaction, racial diversity and gender diversity (the percentage of equity partners who are women), with RPL and pro bono given double weight. Each metric measures Am Law 200 firms’ relative performance—a firm’s score in a given category is based on its ranking among all 200 firms. Each category, as well as the overall score, is based on a 100-point scale.

Lawyer outlook

With that said, the full top 20 firms and their scores are listed at the American Lawyer. Without further ado, here are the top 10 to satiate your rankings cravings (with the firms’ total scores noted parenthetically):

Congratulations to all of the firms that made this year’s Am Law A-List.

What does the word lawyer mean

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