I need to find a lawyer. Recruitment of a Qualified Professional Lawyer,Law Firm to Provide Legal Representation Before the Courts of Law to Women in Cross Border Trade in Ruzizi and Rubavu Districts, Job in Rwanda


Pro-Femmes /Twese Hamwe (PFTH) is an Umbrella of Rwandan Civil Society Organizations aiming at the advancement of women's status, peace, and development. It was established in October 1992, and currently represents 53 member organizations within the country. The mission of Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe is to eradicate all forms of discrimination towards women, to promote their socio-economic-political and legal status, and to enhance the institutional and organizational capacities of its member organizations through the promotion of sustainable human development approach based on gender equality and a culture of peace, justice, and human rights.

To achieve her mission promoting the social-economic status of women in partnership with Initiatives for Peace and Human Rights (iPeace) and The Network University (TNU) with the financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is implementing the project on “Empowering Women in Informal Cross-Border Trade in The Great Lakes Region (EWICBT)”.

The project activities will be implemented in Rubavu and Rusizi borders with the aim to contribute to the social-economic empowerment of women in cross border trade between DRC and Rwanda. This will be achieved by improving their business environment and increasing their income and their social-economic welfare. To accomplish this, the project is built on improving the legal and policy framework for WICBT, providing access to legal aid services to WICBT, strengthening their entrepreneurial and financial capacity, and increasing WICBT’s access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

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In line with the above background, PFTH is recruiting (2) Two qualified professional lawyers to provide Legal representation to WICBT before the courts of law. The Lawyer will be responsible for providing legal representation to WICBT assigned to them along with the project implementation.

The Lawyer is expected to provide legal representation to Women in Informal Cross-Border Trade on a broad range of issues, including but not limited to taking the day to day legal responsibilities, providing legal advice and court representation. Lawyer tasks will include all the aspects of the analysis, investigation/ inquiries, the drafting process, submission of claims to courts, and pleadings. They are responsible for drafting undertakings and structuring remedies for the relevant issues. The selected candidate may also be engaged in helping to analyze and collect evidence and scheduled court hearings to track the progress. In addition, they will be working with legal officers and support them in terms of advice and skills development.

In reference to the above, we are therefore inviting all qualified and interested consultants to provide proposals at PRO- FEMMES/ TWESE HAMWE not later than Wednesday 16th September 2020 at 4 PM.

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Tender Documents may be obtained in soft copy in working days from 7

February 2020 from 8:00 am to 4:00pm local time, upon request and presentation of payment proof of a non-refundable fee of ten thousand Rwandan francs(10,000Frw) to the account No: 1002190104949201of PRO-FEMMES / TWESE HAMWE Opened in the ACCESS Bank. The soft copy is requested on profemmes2013@gmail.com with a copy to n.niyonsenga@profemmes.org

Done at Kigali, September, 4

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