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When you’re in law school, there’s a standard set of questions you’re used to fielding from family and friends. How much reading is there? Are you thinking like a lawyer? Is it like The Paper Chase or more like Legally Blonde? Law lawyer.

At some point, someone’s going to ask you what field of law you plan to enter. Even a 3L might not know the answer. You want to pick a field where you’re going to find steady and well-paying work. When you make a decision, you want to choose an area of law that’s going to grow throughout your career. Here are five of the fastest-growing law careers:

1. Entertainment Law

There are more people in entertainment than ever before. With today’s crowd-sourced platforms and rapidly-changing technologies, entertainment lawyers have no shortage of business. Whether you’re negotiating contracts or writing terms and conditions for a new startup, there’s plenty to do in this growing industry.

2. Personal Injury

Lots of attorneys find that they enjoy personal injury work because it allows them to learn about different injuries. You might learn a great deal about the medical profession. As new products continue to enter the market, litigation continues to grow. Fee agreements are usually client friendly, so new clients are eager to sign up.

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3. Elder Law

As the baby boomers head into retirement, there are new challenges that relate to their care. They need wills and trusts that are prepared with expertise and attention. If you like attention to detail, this is fun and lucrative work.

4. Environmental Law

As companies try to develop alternative energies, environmental law becomes increasingly important. You might help your client comply with government regulations. You might help them negotiate new locations to produce energy. You might work with them to secure government funding.

5. Family Law

Non-traditional families are quickly becoming the new traditional family. Same-sex marriages are finally legal everywhere, and more and more people are opting for single parenting and non-traditional family relationships. With all of this comes family law issues and custody battles. More and more people need skilled and enthusiastic family law attorneys than ever before.

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Attorneys might change the way that they practice law, but the need for a good lawyer never changes. When you choose the right field of law, your law practice can be exciting. There are many growing niches to choose from.


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