Credit lawyer. From barber to lawyer; Sumesh tells how sheer hard work led him to success, Barber becomes lawyer in Ernakulam, barber enrolls as lawyer

Kothamangalam (Ernakulam): The hands that handled scissors and comb will take care of pleas from now on. Thrikkariyoor native Sumesh did not give up studies even when he worked as a barber and finally enrolled as a lawyer on Saturday. This is his first step in achieving his childhood dream of entering judicial service. Work of a lawyer.

Sumesh had discontinued studies after Plus Two and started helping his father Raju in the barber shop. When his father fell ill, he took up complete responsibility of the shop. Meanwhile, Sumesh completed BA Economics through private registration at the age of 24 and passed LLB entrance at 30. He got admission in Thodupuzha Law College.

Sumesh spent the day time in college and returned to barber shop by 4.30 in the evening. After spending there till night, he continued studying till 1.30 am. He wakes up at 5.30 am and after revising the lessons went to the college. When the LLB results were announced in July, he passed with flying colours.

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Sumesh wants to practice in Ernakulam or Perumbavoor. Friends and family also are celebrating Sumesh's victory. His phone keeps ringing every minute with calls from people appreciating him for the achievement.

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