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Mike Hostilo is a professional American injury/accident attorney, and he serves in the state of Georgia and other surrounding areas. He has offices in Augusta, Macon, Savannah, Columbus, Atlanta, and Beaufort! Let us check out his wiki, age, biography, net worth & more. Lawyer wikipedia.

Mike Hostilo Wiki/Biography

Mike is a professional Attorney, and he became famous after being kidnapped by one of his unsatisfied former clients.

Mike Hostilo Personal Life & Info

As per some sources, Mike Hostilo age is 41 years old; however, it is not haven’t been officially confirmed by Mark yet.

Mike Hostilo Family Members Names & Info

Mike Hostilo with his father

Name of Mike’s father and family members haven’t disclosed by Mike to anyone yet, but yes it is known that his father was a Savannah native and his mother was a Japanese woman.

Mike’s father was born in Emanuel County and raised in Savannah, Georgia, and his father only left the state during his time in the military. Mike learned discipline from his father.

Mike’s mother was born and raised in Japan, and later on, they moved to the United States in the 1960s.

Mike’s mother stated that in the 1960s when she moved to America with her family, she faced a lot of problems to adjust because at that time there was a lot of racism in America, because of that it became harder for them as an interracial couple.

They both faced many social challenges and problems.

Is a lawyer a good job

Mike was the only child of his parents, from his childhood, he learned the value of hard work, perseverance, persistence, discipline, and the ability to be open-minded to all cultures and races.

Mike Hostilo Girlfriends, Affairs & Marital/Relationship Status

Mike Hostilo is married and happily living his life with his wife and children.

Mike Hostilo Educational Qualification, School & College

He was graduated from the University of Georgia, and then he attended Atlanta Law School meanwhile he was working also doing several jobs such as newspaper delivery, construction, truck driver, and security to support himself.

Mike had diverse employment experiences, which allowed him to live and view life from a different perspective.

Mike Hostilo Favourite Things, Likes & Dislikes

Mike Hostilo Net Worth & Salary

Mike Hostilo’s estimated net worth is around 800K USD $; however, this data is just an estimation haven’t been confirmed yet. He has earned a lot of money as an Attorney.

Some Facts To Know About Mike Hostilo

He values hard work a lot, which has led him to become a lawyer/attorney for the people.

Mike Hostilo Law Career:

Mike joined Georgia Bar in 1992, where he started work at a firm with a friend of Mike’s father, who was a former marine.

By the end of 1995, he became a partner at that firm, and there Mike was titled as “the fighter for his customers.”

Environmental lawyer job outlook

Mike’s early success made him practiced throughout Georgia, in locations like Savannah, Atlanta, Statesboro, and Augusta.

In 2006, Mike decided to narrow his works to just accidents only, and from there he has managed successful offices in Atlanta, Macon, Pooler, Augusta, Columbus, and Savannah.

Mike’s Kidnapping Incident:

Mike Hostilo Attorney At Law

On January 16, 2006, Mike was taken to hostage in his office for approximately 24 hours.

He had heard noises coming out of his office and walked out to discover Robert and Connie Bower holding a weapon at the head of his secretary.

He had been Bower’s court-appointed lawyer nearly a decade previously and had told him to plead guilty for having four other charges against his name.

At the moment, Bower had warned Hostilo that when he got out of prison, he would kill him, but Mike had believed it was an empty threat, something he realized on that day in 2006 that it was not true.

He managed to speak Mike around after being tied up and secured for just over 24 hours and also arranged for Bower to get legal assistance from his university buddy if he would let Mike go.

Duties of a lawyer

He finally went out of the office to his college buddy who started speaking to Mike with the help of FBI guards around them.

Mike said he didn’t know the intensity of the situation until he went away and saw his father burst into tears at which moment.

Mike Hostilo Website & Social Media Channels

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