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How does Ask A Lawyer work

Consumers searching for legal help submit their question with details of their situation. They choose a legal topic from a dropdown list of 95 areas of practice and specify their state. Ask a lawyer.

Attorneys subscribing to Martindale-Hubbell’s profiles can browse consumers’ questions based on the legal topics of their choosing and further narrow their search by a specific state if desired. They also can also choose to receive email alerts of new questions coming in for their chosen topics and state.

Once a question is answered by an attorney, the question and answer are immediately published to the homepage and the Community Contributions section of the attorney’s profile on Lawyers.com. The consumer’s contact information, if provided, is now available to the attorney to facilitate a follow-up call. The consumer is notified by email that their question has been answered.

Lawyer description

Questions answered through this forum do not constitute an attorney-client relationship but do provide the consumer with general information and encouragement to seek local counsel.

Ask A Lawyer briefs

Questions from consumers are filtered into 95 areas of practice, ranging from Actos and Adoptions to Zoloft and Zoning, so you can quickly find questions relevant to your practice.

Lawyer law practice

Numerous lawyers find so much value through Ask A Lawyer that they answer more than 50 questions each month.

The majority of questions are posted midday during consumers’ lunch hours — starting at 11:00 a.m. and ending at 2:00 p.m. local time zone — giving you the opportunity for immediate engagement.

Who is a lawyer

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