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“Civil Rights is an important part of the overall legal practice at Lenahan & Dempsey. If your Civil Rights have been violated, we are here to protect you and your family when we take on your case. Consultations are of course free of charge and there is never a fee unless we are successful in getting you the money you deserve when your Civil Rights have been violated. “ Civil rights lawyer.

Civil rights are the embodiment of fundamental liberties for all Americans preserved in and protected by the Constitution and federal law. When those rights are violated, especially by employees, officials or representatives of state and local governments, there are remedies available in the federal courts.

Civil rights lawsuits for money damages may be brought in federal court against those individuals and their employers whose actions deny our basic freedoms.

Examples of Common Civil Rights Violations

When a teacher abuses, restrains, secludes or assaults a student, federal laws are broken.

When a politician fires an employee in retaliation for the expression of a different political view, freedom of speech is suppressed.

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When a police officer falsely arrests or brutally beats a citizen, due process is denied.

When workplace harassment or discrimination occurs because of race, religion, gender or medical condition, legal safeguards are violated.

When a government condemns your home or seizes your property without proper notice and a fair hearing, constitutional guarantees are ignored.

Attorney Larry Moran is a Champion for Civil Rights.

For more than three decades, as a former prosecutor convicting criminals and as a civil lawyer obtaining economic justice, Attorney Moran has devoted a career to protecting the civil rights of innocent victims of wrong doing by both individuals as well as by powerful governmental and corporate interests alike.

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Attorney Larry Moran and the firm of Lenahan and Dempsey are civil rights advocates who will fight to obtain the justice you and your family deserve when your fundamental American freedoms have been denied by government or private wrongdoers.

Lenahan & Dempsey is one of the largest law firms in the region that protects the rights of those who have had their Civil Rights violated.

We maintain multiple offices across Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. At Lenahan & Dempsey, we have the large firm resources to take on governments, elected officials and giant insurance companies.

If you have a question about a possible Civil Rights violation, call us today. The call and consultation are free. Also, at Lenahan & Dempsey, there’s never a fee unless we are successful in getting you the financial recovery you deserve following a Civil Rights violation.

Call toll-free today for a free, no obligation consultation at 1-888-LENAHAN (1-888-536.2426).

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