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Everyone has civil rights set out in the United States Constitution and the Florida Constitution. When a government official, employer, or another party violates your civil rights, the law entitles you to certain compensation and legal relief if you bring a legal claim against them. Civil rights cases can be complex, so you always want to seek help from an lawyer who has a thorough understanding of civil rights laws and violations. Civil rights lawyer.

At the Baez Law Firm in Miami, we have represented many individuals who have suffered serious civil rights violations in a wide range of scenarios. We fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for the harm you sustained, so please call for a free consultation with an experienced Miami civil rights lawyer as soon as possible.

Common Civil Rights Cases

Civil rights violations can happen in many different ways and the following are only some examples of violations that are commonly involved in legal claims:

Unlawful discrimination — It is against both federal and state laws to discriminate against individuals based on race, sex, religion, disability, age, or other protected factors in employment, housing, or similar situations. For example, employers are prohibited from engaging in discrimination in hiring, promotions, terminations, or other employment decisions. People also have the right to be free from racial profiling and sexual harassment by law enforcement officers or other government agencies. If you believe you have been the victim of wrongful discrimination, we can help you recover.

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Police brutality — Individuals also have the right to be free from excessive force at the hands of law enforcement officers. Excessive force can involve assaults, use of weapons such as Tasers or batons, use of police dog attacks, or even the use of deadly force when there was no severe threat against officers. In this day and age, there are constant headlines regarding instances of police brutality across the country and Florida is no exception. The lawyers at the Baez Law Firm strive to hold wrongful law enforcement liable for instances of police brutality.

False arrest — In order to arrest you, law enforcement officers are required to have probable cause to believe that you have engaged in criminal behavior. All too often, however, police officers arrest individuals based on racial profiling or other unlawful reasons without the necessary probable cause. If you spent time behind bars due to a false arrest, the law gives you the right to bring legal action against the law enforcement agency. Our office can guide you through the legal process so that you are properly compensated for your wrongful arrest.

Wrongful conviction — Wrongful convictions can occur in many ways due to eyewitness misidentification, false information, coerced confessions, forensic lab errors, or even malicious prosecutors. If you have been wrongfully convicted, our lawyers may not only help to use DNA evidence and forensic science to overturn your conviction but to also help you seek compensation for the harm you suffered.

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Call our Miami Civil Rights Lawyers to Protect your Rights Today

The above are only some examples of how the Miami civil rights lawyers at the Baez Law Firm passionately stand up for those who have suffered harm from civil rights violations. If your rights have been violated, call us at 800-588-BAEZ anytime for a free consultation to learn more about your legal options.

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