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Has the Government Violated Your Civil Rights? Civil rights lawyer.

Advancing Your Civil Rights in New York and New Jersey

Our employment law and civil rights lawyers represent employees and citizens whose rights, as protected by the United States, New York and New Jersey Constitutions, have been violated. For example, we represent police officers, firefighters, school teachers, municipal employees, and other individuals who have been the victims of retaliation because they exercised their rights to freedom of speech, freedom of association or freedom of religion, or who have been denied due process or equal protection of law.

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It can be a violation of your rights under the First Amendment if the federal, state or local government treats you differently because of your speech on a matter of public concern, because of whom you chose to associate with, due to your political affiliation or because you file a lawsuit against the state or local government. Other civil rights claims include false arrest, excessive use of force, unlawful search and seizure, and violations of your others rights under the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Civil Rights of Employees of the Federal, State and Local Governments

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Government employees, including employees of the federal, state and local government, have civil rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Civil rights violations committed against government employees often come in the form of harassment and wrongful discharge. Civil rights violations against state and municipal employees also can take the form of demotions, failures to promote, suspensions, and other adverse employment actions.

Our civil rights attorneys represent employees and individuals whose constitutional rights have been violated by the local, state and federal government. For more information about whether your civil rights have been violated, contact us online or call us.

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