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Wrongful termination lawyers represent clients in Texas in wrongful termination and wrongful discharge claims. Texas law provides very limited reasons why you can challenge a discharge or termination from your job as a wrongful discharge or wrongful termination. Most people are aware that Texas is an “at-will” or “right to work” state in which your employer can terminate your job for almost any reason. Texas and federal law provides a few reasons why you cannot be discharged. If terminated for a reason that violates the law you may have a wrongful discharge or wrongful termination claim. You should talk to Texas wrongful termination lawyers right away. If this sounds like your situation then you should contact a wrongful termination lawyer right away. Wrongful termination lawyer.

Refusal to perform a criminal act in Texas

Texas law prohibits an employer from firing an employee when the employer requests the employee commit an illegal act and the employee refuses. In Texas this wrongful discharge claim is an exception to the “at-will” employment doctrine. It is the public policy exception or Sabine Pilot exception after the lawsuit establishing the exception.

Under this wrongful termination claim, your employer must require you to commit the illegal act. It is not enough that your employer suggests it or makes a demand but does not fire you for refusing to commit the illegal act. Basically, your employer must make you choose between committing the criminal act or losing your job. Texas also protects your right, when demanded to perform an illegal act, to take steps to determine whether the request actually contains illegal acts. That means you have the right to contact the police or appropriate regulatory agencies to determine whether you are legally permitted to perform the requested act.

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Whistleblower protections in Texas

Texas and federal law protects your right to alert the proper authorities to certain illegal acts by your employer. Not all whistleblowing enjoys protection. Only certain types of whistleblowing enjoy protection. Some of the protected types include:
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