Lawyer outlook. Law Tutor, Business Management and Strategy job with BPP UNIVERSITY, 186333

We are seeking a Law Tutor who can teach Business Management and Strategy on our Legal Practice Course masters top up programme. Description of being a lawyer.

You will be a lawyer with some senior practice experience who is able to teach business management and strategy to masters level.

You will also be expected to teach a range of other commercial topics.

A Law School tutor has the following core areas of responsibility:

Teaching on a range of law school programmes and subjects as required

Creating and marking assessment materials

Contributing to curriculum development work, including scholarship and innovation, planning and evaluation and updating programme materials

Providing pastoral support and guidance of students and/or skills development coaching on relevant programmes and modules

Ensuring regulatory compliance with BPP systems and processes

Contributing to internal and external BPP marketing, business development, outreach and employability activities.

Through this, you will work with and support the faculty in delivering excellence in teaching, materials and pastoral support within a compliant regulatory framework.

BPP University Law School has a reputation for excellence in professional education built on a proven ability to offer students the skills they need to succeed in a legal career. Working with over 150 law firms, BPP prides itself on being at the cutting edge of professional legal education giving students the core skills and a competitive advantage to ensure success.

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority is introducing the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) and the Bar Standards Boards is proposing changes to the Bar Professional Training Course. BPP considers that it is essential that, subject to any regulatory constraints, tutors are able to teach on any programme which BPP offers in the future.

Key Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

Teaching on a range of law school programmes and subjects

Keep abreast of new developments in relevant areas of law and practice and be a subject matter expert

Keep abreast of relevant pedagogic methodologies, including undertaking training and development

Lawyer s office

Attend regular practice area and module team meetings to ensure uniform delivery of modules in order to ensure successful progression of students between and within programmes and modules

Prepare for teaching and teach in-classroom and online for specific programmes

Strive to obtain the highest level of teaching feedback from students

Work towards attainment of the level 7 PGCPHE or Fellowship of the HEA in accordance with BPP’s learning and teaching strategy from time to time

Creating and marking assessment materials

Draft relevant formative and summative assessment materials

Assist with the smooth running of assessments

Mark formative and summative assessments and giving feedback in accordance with BPP policies

Attend exam boards as required

Contributing to curriculum development work, including scholarship and innovation, planning and evaluation and updating programme materials

Keep up to date with developments in law and practice

Undertake appropriate scholarship activities that contribute to the discipline of professional legal education

Attend all relevant training in relation to law and practice, course design and innovation

Update programme and module materials as required

Create new material in line with current Law School Learning and Teaching and Technology Enhanced Learning strategies

Enhancing the student experience and providing pastoral support and guidance of students

Information about being a lawyer

Provide appropriate academic and pastoral support and guidance to students throughout their academic studies, and ensure students are directed to an appropriate BPP operational services when necessary

Conduct meetings with personal tutees in accordance with the BPP University Personal Tutoring policy

Actively encourage student engagement with their programme of study using the available resources

Be a point of contact for any academic and student queries

Offer guidance and support for students on making appropriate elective choices

Undertaking the role of a skills development coach for relevant programmes and modules

Coaching students through the process of collecting evidence, preparing reflective statements and collating evidence for their portfolios

Reviewing evidence against outcomes, ensuring that students are able to understand how evidence demonstrates the relevant outcomes and assisting students to identify gaps in their evidence

Reviewing reflections and guiding students to improve reflections

Helping students to identify and select evidence for inclusion in portfolios

Arranging meeting as required

Marking and providing feedback for formative and summative assessments

Keeping up to date with worked based learning, portfolios and reflection and disseminating best practice

Liaising at all times with the apprentice’s relevant apprenticeship manager

Ensure regulatory compliance with BPP systems and processes

Ensure timely and accurate completion of reports and data into all BPP systems and processes as required

Lawyer advice

Attend all training to ensure up to date knowledge of BPP systems and processes

Contributing to internal and external BPP marketing, business development, outreach and employability activities

Contribute to law school education outreach activities

Engage with and attend pro bono and careers related activities

Contribute to marketing activities which seek to recruit future BPP students as required

Contribute to developing BPP contacts in the legal sector and raising awareness of BPP in the legal and business sectors in your region.

Other responsibilities within the remit of the role generally to be agreed from time to time with the Director of Staffing and relevant Head of Law.

Development Opportunities

The role of a Law School tutor will develop your skills as a professional educator. Training will be offered covering areas such as classroom techniques, marking assessments, developing teaching and assessment materials, university regulations, employability, IT and innovation, BPP systems and processes as required and agreed from time to time. You will be introduced to all the BPP law programmes and the wider BPP organisation.

You will be given the opportunity to acquire a level 7 teaching qualification, the PGCPHE, which you will hold alongside any other professional qualifications you may already have. In addition tutors are offered a wide range of learning and development opportunities such as technical, skills-related, personal management and development and coaching and mentoring, as well as subject specific training relevant to your role. You will have regular appraisals with your line manager at which development opportunities will be discussed.

Tutors are also able to develop in a variety of ways, including the design and development of classroom and online, existing and new modules.

For the role requirements, please refer to the full job description
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