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We are ready to help. We know who to talk to, where to find the answers, and what steps are necessary for your success. Few firms can match the depth of medical malpractice experience and trial expertise offered by Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. Firmly rooted in the communities of New York and Long Island, its partners, associates and staff are dedicated medical malpractice plaintiff advocates with a commitment to defending patient safety. Lawyer info.

Call us with your problem. We promise to be kind, helpful and informative. Consultation is free. Our New York medical malpractice lawyers can help you organize your thoughts and answer questions you may have about what has happened. We provide car service should you choose to meet with us at one of our offices, or we can come to the hospital or to your home.

We know when to try cases to verdict, when to settle, and when to appeal. Let our trial team relieve you of your worries and anxieties associated with having to sue. Our accident lawyers are available by phone or e-mail seven days a week.

Benefits of Our Firm

Over its more than 30-year history, Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. has prosecuted almost one thousand medical malpractice cases and argued nearly 100 matters before New York State’s Appellate Courts. In the process, the firm has acquired a breadth of experience in medical malpractice that sets it apart from other New York firms.

Experience counts. We can’t think of a medical malpractice claim that we haven’t successfully resolved for our clients. Our past achievements provide a secure foundation for each new client we represent. Senior partners Mr. Awad and Mr. Miklos are recognized leaders in their field. Both have been selected as the top trial lawyers in medical malpractice by virtually every peer-review organization.

Together, they lead an accomplished team that includes an:

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Experienced trial attorneys

The firm also has access to the finest medical minds to support our clients’ cases.

Types of Malpractice Claims

Medical Malpractice cases include:

Inadequate or improper medication

New clients benefit from our firm’s success and past excellent results achieved. New clients receive the security of having New York medical malpractice lawyers who know how to exercise legal power to recover all of the money damages an injured person deserves. Reputation is built on quality, integrity, professionalism – and proven results. We are proud to rank among top state and national law firms.

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Posting historic verdicts and landmark rulings, Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. has achieved record recoveries and has distinguished itself in more than 90 Appellate matters argued before the Appellate Division and several before the Court of Appeals. Most importantly, our trial attorneys are experienced in litigating against big business, powerful insurers and corporate defendants in every type of case within the personal injury field.

Contacting An Experienced New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Other areas of practice include:

Construction site injuries

Nursing home negligence

Inadequate security or supervision

Divorce lawyer

Child safety: Lead poisoning, poor school supervision

You need to call our New York medical malpractice attorney because of the earlier the investigation the better. We try cases throughout New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, and Binghamton. If you have a lawyer friend you’d like to be involved, we welcome the idea. Currently, we have almost 40 law firms referring clients with medical malpractice matters.
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