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Helping Newburyport Businesses With Their Legal Needs

In order to survive and thrive, businesses need legal help at every stage of their operation. From business formation to financing to employment law matters to dissolution, the lawyers at Connolly & Connolly will be there to assist you. We develop long-term relationships with our clients and provide lifelong legal representation. When your business needs thorough, experienced legal representation, think of us. Law lawyer.

We Practice all Areas of Business Law

We can provide you with experienced legal assistance regardless of what stage your business is in. Some of the legal services our attorneys provide to businesses include:

Choice of business entity

Drafting of contracts and leases

Find a lawyer free consultation

Business sales and dissolution

Stockholders agreements

Corporations, Limited Liabilities and Partnerships

Job description of being a lawyer

Whether large or small, if you own a business or are thinking of starting a business, you need experienced, attentive legal counsel. The attorneys at the law firm of Connolly and Connolly are available to assist you with all of your business needs to help you succeed.

Call for a an Initial Consultation With a Massachusetts Employment Law Lawyer

Whatever your business requires, the experienced attorneys at Connolly & Connolly in Newburyport, Massachusetts, will be there for you. Contact a Massachusetts employment law lawyer or call us at (978) 961-0047 for an initial consultation. We are conveniently located in historic downtown Newburyport. Our attorneys are available 8:30 to 5:00 daily, and by appointment weekends and evenings.

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