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Gary S. Joseph

Managing Partner and Chair

Gary S. Joseph leads the Family Law Firm of MacDonald & Partners LLP as Managing Partner and Chair. He is a Certified Specialist in Family Law. He was called to the Ontario Bar (1978) and is a Member of the Alberta Bar (1985). He also received his LL.M. in Constitutional Law from Osgoode Hall Law School.

Gary has been reported in over 300 Family Law decisions at all Court levels in Ontario and Alberta. He has also appeared as counsel in the Supreme Court of Canada. He is a past Family Law Instructor, Ontario Bar Admission course. He is the author of Handling a Family Law Matter in Ontario and The Family Law Litigation Handbook (Ontario), The Family Law Litigation Handbook (Alberta), Family Law Arbitration in Canada, Carswell’s Family Law Memorandum Service and the upcoming Parenting Law in Canada. He is the author of numerous articles on Family Law in various professional and public media, including an article in the Huffington Post titled "Marriage and Divorce Attitudes: A tidal wave of change." He was named as one of the Top 50 Family Law lawyers in Canada, as noted by Lawday, an international publication. He has been consistently recognized as a leading family law practitioner and in 2019 was again named Lexpert Ranked Lawyer.

Gary has presented family law papers throughout Canada and recently presented a paper at the National Family Law Conference 2018 in Vancouver. He was recently asked to present a paper on the Divorce Act amendments to the 2018 Annual Lawasia Conference in Siam Reap, Cambodia. He will be presenting a paper at the AFCC Conference in New Orleans, USA in May of 2020.

Gary is an active and involved spouse, father and grandparent and has a variety of interests inside and outside of law, including reading, sailing, mountain biking, golfing and swimming. He is a retired triathlete having competed in 33 triathlons worldwide including three Hawaii Ironman competitions and the World Professional Championships (in France).

Looking for a lawyer

Experienced Family Law Practitioner

Certified Specialist in Family Law

Fellow of the International Association of Family Lawyers

Called to the Ontario Bar (1978)-Member of Alberta Bar, since 1985

Has been reported in over 250 Family Law decisions at all Court levels in Ontario and Alberta

Experienced Family Law Trial and Appellate Counsel

Trained Family Law Mediator

Appeared as Counsel in family law matter in the Supreme Court of Canada

Lawyer overview

Recognized and Respected Family Law Expert

Past Family law instructor, Ontario Bar Admission course

Author, Handling a Family Law Matter in Ontario

Author Family Law Litigation Handbook (Ontario)

Co-Author Family Law Litigation Handbook (Alberta)

Co-Author, Family Law Arbitration in Canada

Founding Lecturer, Family Information Session program of the Superior Court of Justice, recognized by the Chief Justice for his efforts

Top 50 Family Law lawyers, as noted by Lawday an international publication

Personal injury lawyer

Author of numerous articles on Family Law in various professional and public media, including an article in the Huffington Post Marriage and Divorce attitudes: tidal wave of change

Contributor to the Advocate Daily, Gary informs and reflects on various aspects of Family Law in print and on radio including the disadvantages of self-representation

Notable Publications

Notable Cases
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