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Our Sarasota team also handles auto crash claims that involve pedestrian, motorcycle, and truck accidents. Whatever the situation, we’ve got you covered. Meaning lawyer.

When it all boils down, car insurance companies are trying to make money. They will pinch pennies at the expense of your health and wellbeing. Our skilled team at Dennis Hernandez in Sarasota knows the tactics of how these companies work. We can navigate the arduous process of getting you fair compensation.

You could attempt to figure it out on your own. However, the outcome will be greater when you allow us to help your case. Our Sarasota attorneys can secure the justice and compensation you deserve.

If you are suffering or large expenses due to an auto accident, call Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA. We have a proven track record of success in Sarasota. Our team is available and excited to fight to get the compensation you deserve. We will work to help you get your life back on track. Call today to schedule a consultation in Sarasota.

After calling law enforcement and ensuring that all parties involved in an accident are medically attended to, the next steps are critical to a successful personal injury case. For vehicular accidents, we recommend following these steps:

Each case is as unique as the individual who has been injured in an accident, but there are some steps that are typically taken. Your accident injury case may include these and other events:

Your recovery period: This initial stage starts at the moment you are injured and lasts until your doctor states that your condition cannot be further improved in a medical setting with care provided by medical professionals. This point is referred to as maximum medical improvement (MMI). When you are at this point, any health issues you have going forward are considered to be permanent.

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Submission of documents: This is when information is submitted to your insurance company, including but not limited to your medical bills and proof of lost wages.

The negotiation period: An insurance adjuster reviews all of the submitted information, then makes a settlement offer. If your Sarasota personal injury lawyer determines that this offer is insufficient, a counter offer will be made.

Litigation: When an agreement cannot be reached, the case may go to trial. Keep in mind that the majority of personal injury cases are settled outside of court.

A lot of people question what will happen if their initial claim is denied or found inadequate. This is why it is so important for you to start working with a lawyer right away in case this situation comes up. Before you are able to file an insurance dispute claim or get into negotiations with your insurance provide the lawyer you’re working with can do a number of different things in order to make sure they have all of the information they need. This may include, but is not limited to:

Even with some of these serious conditions and injuries your insurance company will attempt to categorize them as temporary or non-serious conditions, which is why it is imperative to collect supporting evidence to establish the argument that your injuries are severe. Another reason why having a personal injury attorney on your side is such a smart idea is because when you’re in the moment dealing with the emotional and physical side effects of your injuries you may not be concerned with the collection of data and evidence, but your lawyer will be.

There are a number of different lawsuits that could be filed following an accident and it is imperative that you have a basic understanding about what each of the categories is.

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Your attorney will use all of the information obtained during the above stages to create a claim that clearly demonstrates that the other driver was to blame for the accident, which means they must be held responsible for the losses and injuries you sustained. Most of the time your insurance provider will offer a lower amount that will not cover all of your losses. They do this in order to limit their payout since they are in the business of making money. This means if you aren’t working with an experienced lawyer you may end up settling for less than you deserve. However, having an attorney means there will be someone to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf so you never have to interact with them at all. There are times where these negotiations won’t be successful, which means the only way you’d be able to collect compensation is by filing a lawsuit against the insurance provider as well any other the other drivers involved in the accident.

Negligence: In these cases your lawyer must prove negligence by showing that the other driver had a duty or responsibility to you and that the driver breached that duty through some act resulting in your injuries. A negligence claim may be filed in cases with reckless driving including road rage, failure to yield, speeding, weaving, etc. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Careless driving, which includes running a light or using a phone while driving. Also, allowing an unfit person to drive a vehicle.

Strict liability: Here, the injured person has to prove that there was a defect with the car and that that defect was the cause of the injuries. If a defect is found than the manufacturer of the car can be found liable and responsible for the injuries and any losses that are suffered.

Another question you may have about filing a lawsuit is how much is your case worth? Florida law allows victims and families to receive compensation for damages and injuries including:

Medical bills: This may include current or anticipated expenses from any hospital visits or stays, rehab sessions, transportation including ambulance rides, and any medication that may be needed to deal with the injuries.

Lost wages: A victim and/or families may be eligible to get money for any lost wages that the victim would have earned if they were able to work.

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Future lost wages: If it’s determined that the injured victim will never be able to work again or needs to miss work for an extended period of time the at-fault party may have to compensate them for wages they would have earned if they weren’t injured and able to work.

Pain and suffering: Not all pain is physical. Under this finding the injured person may be able to receive money for any treatment they undergo for depression, anxiety, fear, or any other mental issue that drastically affects their life following the accident.

Loss of consortium: If the accident causes a negative change in the relationship of two people than the at-fault person may have to compensate the victim for loss or intimacy.

Funeral costs: If a family loses a loved one because of the accident they may be entitled to some of the damages that were previously listed as well as help covering the cost of the funeral and any other death-related costs.
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