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BOEING has hired one of its own former top lawyers to represent the aircraft maker in a case taken by a Dublin-based leasing firm as a result of its 737 Max troubles. Lawyer outlook.

Timaero, controlled by Russia's state-owned VEB bank, has sued Boeing for at least $740m (€664m).

The action was filed shortly before Christmas, and court documents show attorney Eric Wolff has now appeared for Boeing in the case.

Mr Wolff is a former vice president and assistant general counsel at Boeing. Prior to that, he was Boeing's chief counsel, from 2009 to 2012.

He now works for Seattle law firm Perkins Coie, where he is a partner.

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Another Perkins Coie lawyer, Chicago-based Kathleen Stetsko, is also representing Boeing in the case.

Mr Wolff has previously represented Boeing while working at Perkins Coie.

In 2013, he and the firm's team successfully secured the dismissal of a class action lawsuit taken against the aircraft maker on foot of the delayed first flight of its 787-8 Dreamliner jet. Timaero is suing Boeing in relation to 22 orders for its troubled Max jet.

Timaero Ireland signed an agreement with Boeing in January 2014 to buy 20 Max aircraft.

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In 2016, Timaero converted two Boeing 737-800 orders to Max orders.

Max jets have been grounded all over the world since March last year, following two fatal crashes linked to one of the aircraft's software systems.

"At the time Timaero entered into its agreement to purchase the 737 Max aircraft, Boeing represented that the 737 Max was an airworthy and safe aircraft, and that it had been designed in compliance with aviation regulations," Timaero's complaint filed in Chicago alleges.

"However, Boeing made false representations to the FAA during the certification process of the aircraft."

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Boeing has declined to comment on the case.

It is seeking permission from the Chicago court for more time to respond to Timaero's complaint. That application will be presented to the court next week.
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